Sebastien Izambard

 Sebastien Izambard,born at the 7th of march 1973 in Paris,France.

Seb is married to Renee Murphy since the 17th august 2008 and proud father of twins Luca and Rose since the 20th of march 2008 and son Luca since the 20th of may 2011.Seb is the proud owner of 2 sweet dogs Tess and Zoë.


Seb is the ambasador of 2 organisations : AMTM (Assistance Medical Toit Du Monde,France who help children and oldery in Nepal and India and the Sanfilippo Children's Foundation (Australia, who help children with the Sanfilippo syndrome.


Seb is a voix populi - tenor tessitura and is since 2003 with Il Divo. Seb is a musician/singer/songwriter and play's multiple instruments.


Seb has his own solo album "Libre" since 2000. The single "Si Tu Savais" got the number one in the rankings in France,Canada and Belgium. At this moment hi write and produce and compose for popartists of international stature. 


Seb is honorary member of the Sebastien Izambard Fan Club ( ,this is a group of motivated Seb/Il Divo fans who help raise money for the charities. 







Urs Bühler

Urs Toni Bühler is born at the 19th of july 1971 in Willisau,Lucerne,Switserland. 


Urs started his musical training at the age of 5 when hi started sining in a choir and learnd to play violin,clarinet,piano,guitar and drums. His musical career startet when hi was 15. Hi was a member of a cover band and later the lead singer of a heavy metal band called "Conspiracy" when hi was 17 in Luzern. At that time hi already receiving music lessons at thee Academy School of Church music. Hi moved to Amsterdam,the Netherlands,where hi studied voice at the Sweelinck Conservatorium with Udo Reinemann,a well known German Bariton. Under the private tutoring of Swedish tenor Gösta Winberg from the Royal Swedish Opera and French tenor Christian Papish,hi enriched his classical repertoire. Hi sang in the choir of the Dutch opera and performed at the Salsburg Festival under the direction of Claudio Abbado. Hi performed with the Netherlands Opera Gezelschap (NOG).



Urs is a classical trained tenor /classical crossover/rock. Hi playes all kinds of instruments. 

Urs is currently togheter with Leticia Martin. Urs have a daughter Billie since 23 december 2008 with Tania Rodney,former make-up artist of Il Divo. 


Carlos Marin

Carlos Marin,born at the 13th of october 1968 in Mörfelden-Walldorf,Germany but raised in Madrid,Spain. Carlos was married from 2006-2009 with Geraldine Larossa (Innocence). 


Carlos started his career when hi was 8 year old producet by Pierre Kartner,named the "Little Caruso" with songs as "O Sole Mio" and "Granada" and sang that song for an audience of 800 people. When hi was 10 years old hi recorded his second album "Mijn Lieve Mama" (My Dear Mother) this was all when hi lived in Holland.

When hi was 12 hi moved to Spain where hi won several awards in television contests like "Gente Joven" (Young People) and "Nueva Gente" (New People) at TVE.


Hi performd in several musicals starting in 1993 like : Les Miserable (Marius) ,The Beauty And The Beast,Grease (Vince Fontaine),El Diluvio Que Viene and Man From La Mancha. Hi Participated in productions like La Magia De Broadway and Peter Pan

Hi also sang in The Nightmare Before Christmas and the prince in the Spanish version of Cinderella in 2000.

Hi also did opera's like La Traviata,The Barber of Seville,La Bohéme,Lucia Di Lammermoor and Madame Butterfly and Zarzuela. 


Carlos is a bariton and since 2003 with Il Divo. Carlos is a singer/actor. 

Carlos had his own solo concerts in 2011 and 2016

Carlos has his own solo cd "En Concierto" where also Geraldine Larossa is a part of. 


David Miller

David Miller is born at the 14th of april 1973 in San Diego,California,US. David is born in San Diego but raised in Denver,Colorado. 


David went to school at the Colorado Children's Chorale and graduated in 1991 at the Heritage High School. Hi started in high school productions as the Rooster in Annie and Noah in Two by Two. David wasen't intrested in joining the military so hi went to the Oberlin Concervatory of Music and graduated 1995.Hi gratuated with excelent grades and degrees in Vocal Performance and Opera Theatre. Hi was a member of the Pittsburgh Opera Center in from 1996 till 1997. Hi first came to attention afther his highly acclaimed Washington Opera Debut in march 1997 as Alfredo in La Traviata. 

Hi played several opera's like in I Capuleti e i Montecchi (1999,Tybalt),West Side Story (2000,Tony).

Hi made his debut in the Vlaamse Opera as Cassio in 2001 and 2002.

David's best known work is his role as Rodolfo in La Boheme in 2002. Hi also taken roles in Don Giovanni (as Don Ottavio),Abduction From The Seraglio (as Belmonte) and The Rake's Progress (as Tom Rakewell)


David is married with Sara - Joy Kabanuck since 8 augustus 2009 and live with their childdog Cosmo,a Maltese - Havanese mix.